June 2018 Digital Marketing News Updates

We sort through the latest and greatest in digital marketing news updates each month so you don’t have to! Below is a list of changes relevant to digital marketers, along with explanations of why they matter.

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Facebook News Updates

Twitter News Updates

  • Twitter will increase prominence of news in the feed – And also group together Tweets linking to the same article. This shows Twitter is looking to promote more news and could mean more link clicks and visibility of articles.
  • Klout is shutting down ;-( – Once a social media darling, Klout scored social media users based on their influence levels. Today Klout is no more, signifying that influence online is not as simple as a score.

Pinterest News Updates

SnapChat News Updates

  • Snapchat has a new lens that responds to sound – We have already seen a number of lenses that respond to motion but Snap has launched the first lens to respond to sound. The animal movements pulsate based on sound – this could be interesting (and fun!!!!).

Instagram News Updates

Search News Updates

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